Our highly experienced team manages every detail of every client engagement — from commencement to successful completion.


Steven Nakash


Founded Spectrum Kitchens in 1991. He is responsible for corporate strategy and sales initiatives, and boasts more than 30 years in designing, manufacturing, distributing, and servicing kitchen and bathroom cabinetry for large-scale developments.


Brian Nakash


Drives the analysis and re-engineering of existing business processes, identifies and develops the capabilities to use new tools, reshapes our physical infrastructure and network access, and identifies and exploits our knowledge resources.


Michael Nakash


Oversees business and financial strategies, and manages the company’s marketing efforts and global sourcing.


Giuseppe Cipriano

National Sales Director

Reaches out across the country to find projects that would be great fits for the Stevali brand. Works intimately with those customers to ensure success from day number one.


Laura Rivas

Senior Project Manager

Ensures projects move smoothly through the drawing, ordering, and delivery phases. Works with customers to ensure a successful project.


Robert Leen


Leads the accounting team, reporting on all financial aspects of the company.


Gary Nakash

Director of Service and Field Operations

Drives the success of Spectrum’s on-site operations during a project’s lifespan. This includes any installation services and all post-completion support.


Nikola Negri

Brand Ambassador/Creative Designer

Serves as the chief evangelist for the Stevali brand by working with designers and architects to help them in specifying Stevali for their projects.


Peter Ciccone

Senior Designer/Project Coordinator

Facilitates design discussions with customers at the beginning stages of a project’s lifespan. Essential in transitioning projects from development, into sale, and through fabrication.


Nuria Benitez

Drafting Supervisor

Oversees her team of drafters to produce highly detailed and organized shop drawings for use on all Spectrum projects.


Kyle Edwards

Lead Estimator

Assists the sales team by using his years of industry experience to accurately estimate the costs of each project. Breaking down individual items allowing us to create tailored proposals.


Christina Zambuto

Logistics Supervisor

Focuses on the coordination between each project and the factory to ensure an on-time delivery.