What we do

Evolution of the Marketplace
Thanks to urban growth, we are seeing city landscapes expand and renew. In response to or in anticipation of this trend, the types of products you want are changing. This growth trend, in combination with the availability of newer and more advanced furniture materials, has caused our product offerings to evolve. In fact, Spectrum Kitchens has not only responded to this change, we are leading it.

We offer you:

Cutting-edge design in line with current trends even as we begin to set future styles

Access to the latest materials to allow you to push the boundaries of creativity

A wider selection of materials at affordable prices owing to our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes

We provide a wide range of customized furniture solutions, installation services, and the essential ancillary services to bring schematic designs into a tangible reality. Our services can be delivered separately or in combination with the purchase of products.

Most often, we serve complete projects. By a project, we mean a high-rise residential building or multi-family development. Our products can be found in boutique buildings at some of the world’s most prestigious addresses and massive complexes, spanning thousands of units. We offer contracts on a project-by-project basis, or contracts that cover multiple projects across the nation or a region.