During the initial consultation, we will discuss the general style and scope of your project. Our
team will gather fundamental needs, intake inspirational images selected by you and gather
the information needed to provide a clear sense of the journey ahead, including cost

After gathering the necessary information and establishing a preliminary layout (completed byyour architect, interior designer or by us), Bakes and Kropp will provide a complementaryestimate of anticipated costs. Your project estimate will be accurately detailed and defined forreview. Subject to any significant additions or alterations, this estimate is expected to fall within10% of the final contracted cost.

After thorough review of your project estimate, we will work to answer any additional questionsyou may have in relation to overall design and cost. Once project parameters are finalized andwe have earned your trust, you will officially retain our services. At this stage we will ask for a10% retainer on the full value of your estimate. This is not an additional payment, as the fullretainer will be credited to your final project invoice.

At this stage we begin development of your project, finalizing major design plans, elevations and connecting with project partners. Timing varies during this process and is dependent on project parameters and feedback from key decision makers. During this stage we are able to react to any time sensitive needs, while fully executing an efficient design process. Fromconcept to completion, the design process can take 2-6 weeks to finalize. Within that timeframe, a designer will visit your home or project site to confirm measurements and familiarize themselves with your space. We encourage additional meetings to be held at one of our showroom locations, as many clients find this is an ideal space to make design decisions.

Once you are completely satisfied with the design and all decisions are made regarding content and finishes, a final financial statement for the project will be created. Prior to production the balance of the deposit is due, reflecting 50% of the total contract estimate.

Production at our Workshop in Mount Clemens, MI takes 8-12 weeks depending on the project specifications and current run of schedule. While this is our average lead-time, we work hard to accommodate special requests and ensure a reasonable timeline. The Original Estimated Delivery Date, established during the contract phase, will serve as a guide in setting proper production timelines and on time delivery of your project.

Once production of your project is complete and awaiting delivery, the remaining balance
becomes due. This payment will need to be received 10 days prior to the delivery of your
cabinets. Upon receiving final payment, B&K will carefully load and transport your finished
products to their final destination. A B&K Project Manager will work with you and your team
to schedule your delivery and installation. All of our installations are performed by Bakes
and Kropp employed artisans. Our team of experts ensure a quality client experience from
start to finish.

Post installation, our Project Manager will connect with you to review the finalized project. Any open queries or additional needs will be discussed at this time. We work to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the final product.

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