Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinetry

Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry are completely customized for each project. We invite you to indulge your creativity since you will never be bound by any catalogue of “finishes” or “choices.”

All furniture components are made in-house and all our materials are sampled and tested to ensure they meet quality standards and can stand up to volatile environments and household chemicals.

Whether your project is a budget rental or high-end townhomes, we design your furniture beginning with a blank canvas — and always made to American standards and measurements.

Our cabinets are equal to those from other high-end Italian designers in both quality and design, but ours come to you at much more affordable prices, and they are, of course, available with a full range of European hardware options.

Turn your project over to us at any stage in the design process to let us finish it with a flair and manufacture it in Italy, where the world’s leading designers set their sights.

We are a full service company. Our capabilities include detailed shop drawings, architectural review, and installation.