Begin by researching different styles, materials, and features for your custom bath vanity. Collect inspiration from magazines, websites, and social media platforms.

Assess your budget for the project, including costs for materials, labor, and installation. Consider any additional expenses such as the plumbing or electrical work.

Reach out to the showroom to schedule an initial consultation with a design expert. Provide details about your project requirements, preferences, and timeline. Since everything we sell is custom, advance notice allows the showroom to prepare for a personalized consultation tailored to your needs.

Sit down with a bath vanity specialist to discuss your vision, needs, and design preferences. Bring along any inspiration photos, measurements, or floorplans to help convey your ideas.

Explore the showroom displays to view various bath vanity styles, finishes, andconfigurations. Discuss customization options such as; Size, Configuration, Panel Finish,Metal finishes, Hardware, countertop, and any other potential upgrades.

Work with the designer to create a completely custom bath vanity design that suits your specific requirements and complements your bathroom aesthetics.

Receive a detailed design proposal outlining the specifications, features, and pricing for your custom bath vanity. Review the proposal carefully to ensure it aligns with your preferences and budget.

If necessary, request revisions to the design proposal to incorporate any changes or adjustments to the initial concept. Work closely with the designer to finalize the design to your satisfaction.

Once the design is approved, place the order for your completely custombath vanity with the showroom. Provide any necessary measurements or specifications toensure accurate fabrication. Lead

Confirm the lead time for manufacturing and delivery of your custom bath vanity. Keep inmind that lead times may vary depending on the complexity of the design and availability ofmaterials.

Arrange for payment of the deposit or full amount for the custom bath vanity. Review the payment terms and schedule with the showroom to ensure a smooth transaction.

Your completely custom bath vanity will undergo fabrication according to the approved design specifications. Skilled craftsmen will work to bring your vision to life, using high-quality materials and precision techniques.

Throughout the production process, quality control measures are implemented to ensure that your custom bath vanity meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability.

Delivery Coordination: Coordinate the delivery of your custom bath vanity with the showroom or installation team. Schedule a convenient date and time for installation.

Professional Installation: Experienced installers will carefully assemble and install yourcustom bath vanity in your bathroom space. They will ensure proper fit, alignment, andfunctionality according to the design specifications.

Conduct a final inspection of the installed bath vanity to ensure that it meets your expectations
in terms of appearance, functionality, and craftsmanship.

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